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"Life can throw curve balls. I will go further and say that, most assuredly, it will throw them – and knuckle balls too. No one is immune and nothing should be taken for granted. A moment of poor judgment can mean the destruction of all that one has worked so hard to achieve.

When, much to my shock and dismay, one such curve ball placed my professional license and very ability to earn a living in jeopardy, I turned to Cid Kallen.. It is no exaggeration to say that, when the wolves were at the door, he was the one person I knew I could trust not only to stand by me, but also to do so without also judging, lecturing, or looking down on me with contempt, despite my embarrassing predicament.

As a lawyer, I know how important it is to have an attorney with a reputation among judges and colleagues not just for fighting hard, but also for fighting fair. Make no mistake about it - Cid is a clever lawyer that keeps the enemy on their toes. Anyone that makes the mistake of underestimating him is in dire peril and does so at their own risk. Indeed, I have had the privilege of appearing against him in several matters and, make no mistake about it - he is a formidable opponent.

More importantly perhaps, at the end of the day, even though our clients’ interests were in direct conflict, I always knew somehow that Cid could be taken at his word. I suspect that it is this quality more than all the others that has served the best interests of his clients. To put it another way, once a lawyer loses his credibility - especially given Yuma's relatively small legal community – it is very difficult to regain it and, unless and until he does, that lawyer is severely handicapped. It is clear that Cid's integrity remains unscathed despite innumerable heated, and at times bitter, conflicts that populate his career.

If you have read this far, you may be thinking to yourself that this all sounds very nice - this talk of lofty ideals and abstract theories. What about actual results? Results are what counts after all. So let's talk about actual results - the bottom line. I exaggerate not when I tell you that, with the assistance of his diligent, attentive, and knowledgeable staff, Cid was able to secure an outcome that was better than anything I could have hoped for. Most importantly, the result Cid was able to obtain for me in court appears to have saved my license to practice law, which was always the ultimate objective.

How could it not be?  All I have ever been is a lawyer. Quite frankly, I don't know what I would have done if that privilege had been stripped from me. It is no easy task to change horses in mid-stream, especially in the late afternoon. As such, I am eternally grateful to Cid and recommend them without reservation."

William Reid

"I’m going to start by saying thank you, to Mr.Kallen and Mrs.Velazquez. They facilitated my every need and got frivolous charges dismissed. There's a business in Yuma that tried extorting me. So I started a civil suit against “Said restoration company” and they later went on to make false police reports and documents. Which led me to retain Mr.Kallen. Knowing my circumstances and all of the proof that I had that the police neglected and lied about attempting to research me. He represented me far better than I expected him to. That is an Outstanding team Mrs.Velazquez and Mr.Kallen make."

Larry .F

"I would recommend this law firm to everyone. Cid Kallen was great. It started with a free consultation in which Cid explained everything he could to me and answered all my questions. I felt really comfortable with him and felt confident that my best interests were of his concern. ( I did not feel that way with other lawyers I spoke with). He was even able to put me on a payment plan which I drastically needed.  Throughout my case, I always received prompt answers to my questions and the staff was very professional and helpful. The outcome of my case could not have been any better!!! Thank you so much Cid and all the staff at your firm."

Anthony Motley

"I had a dui and after talking to multiple attorneys Cid Kallen was the most professional and most efficient with everything. Time, price and outcome. What I was told that’s how it was but the experience was what did it for me. After the outcome I left feeling confident knowing that I had them having my back and knowing that from now on I had chosen the right firm to help me with anything I could possibly need. Thanks again! Definitely and highly recommended."

Mauricio Castro

"I enjoyed my experience with this office. They were very helpful and professional. Their communication was great and they took care of mostly everything involving my case. They gave a free consultation and a quote at the first phone call; when I went back to go through with their services, no extra fees were added to the original quote and it was very straightforward with hiring them to represent me. I really appreciate the time they took in resolving my case and I’m glad I went with this office because my case was concluded swiftly and favorably."

Nicole C

"Highly recommended! Attorney Cid Kallen and his team have been so professional and helpful with me, they are always on top of my case and answer my questions and concerns quickly and in a way that I understand every step of the process. They have always been friendly when I call or go in person, the level of respect and dignity I am treated with is impressive. If you’re looking to be represented by a top notch team that takes your case representation to the next level, go see Citrine Law! You will not be disappointed."

Giovani Lopez
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